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How do we use a prebuilt resources of vscode?

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I found there are some enthusiastic developers who want to run GitHub1s locally, but some of them have met problems during the building process.😫 Inspired by vscode-web, a talking with @xcv58 , and the issues like #62 #162 #118, etc. I think we should provide a prebuilt version of vscode. There are many advantages to this:

  1. Reduce build/dev time significantly (both CI and local)
  2. More simple prerequisites for development
  3. Less memory/CPU cost during development

The problem is we have already modified the code of vscode, and we should able to update the resources if there are some new changes of vscode.

In my opionon, we can do that:

  1. set a workflow to check the hash of files in /src directory, if someone have been updated, then rebuild the vscode and publish them to the github releases.
  2. provide an npm package named such as vscode-github1s(whatever), and set the postinstall script to donwload the prebuilt resoruces from github releases, then put them into corresponding.
  3. provider another npm script named yarn dev:extensions for developer who just care the /extensions directory.

I wanna if there is a more graceful way to do this or if there some problems in this way? 🙏

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

xcv58commented, Apr 1, 2021

I have a proof of concept here:

It publishes the NPM package:

The CI test passed in less than 6 minutes:

Vercel deployment finished in less than 3 minutes: image

Demo link:

xcv58commented, Mar 31, 2021

I think we can do the following to publish the prebuilt vscode:

  1. Add a subdirectory call vscode-web-github1s or any name that makes sense.
  2. Create a package.json for publish it to NPM which should include the field: `files: [“/dist”]"
  3. Decouple the watch:vscode,, from the yarn watch and yarn build commands., and move them into the new package.json file. And update them to copy lib/vscode/out-vscode-min/ to vscode-web-github1s/dist.
  4. Use the yalc or yarn link to test the package publish locally. (We could leverage the yalc to do the local development if we need to change VS Code locally)
  5. Update the index*.html to include vs code files from node_modules like /static/vscode/vs/loader.js -> /static/node_modules/vscode-web-github1s/dist/vscode/vs/loader.js. (This might break the local extension loading as well, we could update the scripts/package/ to sync node_modules/vscode-web-github1s/dist to the dist/static so that the structure keeps the same to avoid the issue).
  6. If the above steps could work, we should be able to successfully publish the npm package. Then use yarn add to include the package.

In addition, we can setup a to test the prebuilt VS Code before actually publish the package.

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