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No documentation on how to import (contains suggested text)

See original GitHub issue

There is currently no documentation on how to import (at least, there isn’t in the documentation page of the wiki, and I cannot see any anywhere else).

I suggest something like the text below. (I presume that this is the correct way to do it; I worked it out by doing an export and then trial and error).

Importing Expressions

  • Create a .json file with the format:

      "default": [
          "expression": "",
          "listType": "GREY"
          "expression": "",
          "listType": "WHITE"

    specifying, for each domain expression, “WHITE” or “GREY” (to be whitelisted or greylisted).

  • In the Settings panel, select the “Import Expressions” button in the “List of Expressions” tab.

  • Choose the .json file you just created.

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askeydevcommented, Dec 2, 2017

Vanilla on Chrome was much easier to import/export. AutoDelete could not process a comma separated list - tries to accept the string as one entry I agree with the lack of documentation - users needed to know the JSON format. I Entered 2 items on the whitelist (one at a time) and exported them to a file (below). Deleted and reimported - that worked, but still gave a non-whitespace error. JSON is not simple/quick for humans. Suggestion: Have a way to import/export a simple list. This would be good for moving from other platforms. Also tell it during import which list you are importing to. (override JSON listType)

My test export/import with 2 entries: { “default”: [ { “expression”: “”, “storeId”: “default”, “listType”: “WHITE”, “id”: “HJQFzwkWG”, “cookieNames”: [] }, { “expression”: “”, “storeId”: “default”, “listType”: “WHITE”, “id”: “rkpLMvJWM”, “cookieNames”: [] } ] }

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