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Undo cookies fails to set a cookie starting with __Secure-

See original GitHub issue

Some cookies which I get back , does have this error: Failed to parse or set a cookie named: __Secure-3PSID, even on the latest version, and dev build as well.

_Originally posted by @Marek33 in

Additional Background Has to do with this:

And for some reason the code didn’t include domain or secure attributes when restoring cookies. Because we didn’t set the secure parameter to true, by MDN’s doc, it is set to false by default.

quick bugfix will be patched shortly.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:11 (6 by maintainers)

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kennethtran93commented, Jun 16, 2020

I’ve added a commit to scrub cookieStoreId 1 from cleanup logs as we most likely cannot restore them anyway.

Marek33commented, Jun 17, 2020

The number of all deleted cookies.

If you head to the welcome page, you may be able to see the total cookies removed overall. I don’t think we decrement those count at this time but I could be wrong.

When I click on clearing the cookie entries, in the Cleanup Log, then it gets reset to 0, which I think shouldn’t be.

Open a new issue/feature request for this. Currently does seem that way when I look at the backend.

Yes, I will since I just did that, in Sandboxie on the Firefox.

I see, and I did it by mistake, on the Iridium, but when I use the new version, I don’t have that problem, since I’m using the unpacked version.

From what I can understand, the official version is assigned its extension ID through chrome webstore, while the unpacked version uses a locally randomized extension ID, thus why you would be able to do that I think…Probably the unpacked version follows a separate logic when it comes down to these things…maybe.

No, it’s because I can’t update the extension since Iridium/Ungoogled block that connection, so there is nothing ported from the older versions. I will copy the data (for statistics), but I will not change any settings, so I wouldn’t break it again.

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