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Add CCRepo support

See original GitHub issue

Add this to package.json, then upload it to CCRepo. (W.I.P.) Just log in with Discord and link to package.json with It’s a nice thing to have all mods in the same place. Keep in mind that the description property in package.json will be the same description on the site, so a line too long will come out just like Darky’s Achievement Package.

 "ccrepo": {
  "icon": [
  "name": "Cookie Monster"

[10, 0] is the icon for default CC cookie.

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  • Created 3 years ago
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TheGLandercommented, Oct 26, 2021

@DanielNoord Hello, I am the owner of the CCRepo repository! I added GitHub support just now, it’s just that CCRepo is supposed to officially launch together with Cppkies 0.3, so I prefer working on them so that both have roughly the same progress, I finished some Cppkies work, so now I was able to do some rapid CCRepo progress!

hyoretsucommented, Mar 15, 2021

@hyoretsu Do you know if it is still being worked on? Or do you know if they are considering my issue?

Yeah, just saw they didn’t post an answer in GitHub but it’s planned (from #dashnet-modding in CC’s Discord)

ʐ̈ MANNNNNNN#2006 — 02/25/2021 I would have to rework the whole auth for that, but fine I guess I just used discord dev portal so often and always saw the Oauth2 tab and I wanted to try it finally, or something ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I mean, the authentication process itself isn’t that different Since Oauth2 is a standard, it’s always (more or less) the same The main problem is now I have to generate my own tokens, and manage its expiry date, and track where the auth token came from, etc. etc. It’s not the end of the world, by any means, but I have to put in effort

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