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Merge commit not ignore with ignore-commit-pattern "Merge.*" and --issue-pattern, --issue-url

See original GitHub issue

Im using this command npx auto-changelog --tag-prefix '' --issue-pattern "[A-Z]+-\d+" --issue-url '{id}' --ignore-commit-pattern "^(Initial.*|Merge.*)"

The Merge pull request still exist, not ignored.

### Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. Dates are displayed in UTC.

Generated by [`auto-changelog`](

#### [1.0.0-alpha3](

> 27 January 2021

- fix: SYG-121 bac [`#40`](
- Merge pull request #40 from ookangzheng/SYG-121 [`#SYG-121`]( [`#SYG-121`](
- fix: SYG-121 bac [`#SYG-121`](

#### [1.0.0-alpha2](

> 27 January 2021

- fix: SYG-122 typo [`#39`](
- Merge pull request #39 from ookangzheng/SYG-122 [`#SYG-122`]( [`#SYG-122`](
- fix: SYG-122 typo [`#SYG-122`](
- chore: [`28a274c`](

#### [1.0.0-alpha1](

> 27 January 2021

- fix: SYG-123 typo [`#38`](
- Merge pull request #38 from ookangzheng/SYG-123 [`#SYG-123`]( [`#SYG-123`](
- fix: SYG-123 typo [`#SYG-123`](

#### 1.0.0-alpha0

> 27 January 2021

- fix: SYG-123 init repo [`#SYG-123`](

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cookpetecommented, May 21, 2021

Ah ok, in your case the bumps are merges, and being listed as merges in the changelog. --ignore-commit-pattern only applies to lists of commits (which appear below the lists of merges and fixes).

I guess it would make sense for --ignore-commit-pattern to apply to merge commits and fixes too? I’ll look into it.

patrickp-at-workcommented, Mar 30, 2021

I can confirm this using v2.2.1

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