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Specifying latest version with Lerna monorepos

See original GitHub issue


We use Lerna with our monorepo. As such the repo root package.json does not contain a version property, and instead the packages live under packages/* thanks to Yarn’s workspaces feature.

This means that we cannot pass --package to auto-changelog, otherwise we get the following error: auto-changelog: Generating changelog…TypeError: Invalid Version: vundefined

As a workaround, we’re planning on using something like this: auto-changelog --latest-version $(jq -r .version lerna.json)

…however I was wondering whether this is something that you’d be open to auto-changelog supporting? (If only because using bash subcommands makes the package.json script not compatible with Windows.)

Possible options:

  • the --package option accepting arguments, so that we could pass --package lerna.json (since it also happens to contain a version property) or --package packages/neutrino/package.json
  • the --package option automatically falling back to other locations, if there is no version in that file (eg it could scan the workspace directories, or know to try lerna.json)
  • adding a --lerna-version option that specifically uses lerna.json

Thoughts? (I’m happy to open a PR if/when a design direction is agreed 😃)

CC @eliperelman

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cookpetecommented, Apr 16, 2019

@edmorley I’ve added support for --package [file] in 1.13.0. Let me know if this solves your issue.

edmorleycommented, Apr 13, 2019

That would fix the error when running auto-changelog --package, however then the changes for the about-to-be-released version are not included in the README. (The pupose of --package or --latest-version is to be able to tell auto-changelog what the new version number is, since at that point in the release process the package and/or git tag does not exist for it to be able to infer itself.)

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