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Compiler warning and runtime exception on UWP Release

See original GitHub issue

The library works fine on Debug UWP builds but gives the compiler warnings for each of the unsupported windows p/invoke calls when built in Release. For example:

MCG : warning MCG0007: Unresolved P/Invoke method 'user32.dll!CloseClipboard' for method 'System.Boolean WindowsClipboard.CloseClipboard()'.
 Calling this method would throw exception at runtime.
 Please make sure the P/Invoke either points to a Windows API allowed in UWP applications, or a native DLL that is part of the package. 
If for some reason your P/Invoke does not satisfy those requirements, please use [DllImport(ExactSpelling=true) to indicate that you understand the implications of using non-UWP APIs		

At runtime the promised exception is thrown when trying to cut, copy or paste.

This is using a UWP with a minimum target version of 10.0.16299. I don’t see the clipboard windows calls listed in the available APIs:

I will attempt a fix for my own app that uses the UWP Clipboard

If that works I’ll make a PR for this library.

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:13 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

SimonCroppcommented, Dec 9, 2019

can u submit a failing PR with that code?

HaikuJockcommented, Nov 30, 2019

I think there’s definitely something weird with my setup which I’m going to look into further.

I tried copying your test code by getting and setting on a thread and it worked fine.

I then tried repeatedly firing the get and set on new threads:

        public MainPage()
            var thread1 = new Thread(TestClipboard);

        void TestClipboard()
            var random = new Random();
            while (true)
                var thread = new Thread(OutputClipboardText);
                Thread.Sleep(random.Next(1, 100) * 10);

        async void OutputClipboardText()
            await TextCopy.Clipboard.SetText("AAA");
            var text = await TextCopy.Clipboard.GetText();
            if (text == null)

I found two things from this:

  1. Sometimes the result of GetText was null
  2. An unhandled exception was occasionally thrown with error code CLIPBRD_E_CANT_OPEN. I vaguely seeing code where you handled this for the .NET framework version.
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