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TakePhoto is not cropped as configured

See original GitHub issue

I run my camera preview with a long rectagle:

cameraPreviewOpts: CameraPreviewOptions = {
    x: (window.screen.width-150)/2,
    y: window.screen.height*0.05,
    width: 150,
    height: window.screen.height*0.9,
    camera: 'rear',
    tapPhoto: false,
    tapToFocus: true,
    previewDrag: true,
    toBack: false,
    alpha: 1

This is good, but when I take a picture of it, the picture has a totally different dimension, even when the configuration is the same:

   const pictureOpts: CameraPreviewPictureOptions = {
      width: 150,
      height: window.screen.height*0.9,
      quality: 100
    that.cameraPreview.takePicture(pictureOpts).then((imageData) => {
      that.picture = 'data:image/jpeg;base64,' + imageData;
    }, (err) => {

This is the camera ON (this is how I want it) cameraon

This is the picture it takes finalpic

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

youraliencommented, Jul 13, 2018

To attempt to crop the image to match what is seen in the Image Preview, I tried replicating the iOS source code on how the image preview is constructed, using Javascript.

@westonganger What kind of PR would be best to share this knowledge? Should this helper code be included in the with the takePicture documentation?

Here is code I used to take the picture and crop it appropriately.

    // assuming I have a DOM element that is the same size and placement as my desired camera preview
    let previewOverlay = document.getElementById('previewOverlay');
    let rect = previewOverlay.getBoundingClientRect();

    // initialize the camera
      x: rect.left, y:, width: rect.width, height: rect.height, camera: "front",
      tapPhoto: true, previewDrag: false, toBack: true});

    // take the photo and use the cropping function
      b64CropLikeCordova(imgData, rect.width, rect.height, function(croppedImgUrl) {
        let imagePreview = $(".fileinput-preview");
        imagePreview.attr('src', croppedImgUrl);

Here is the implementation I wrote

 * Crop a base64 string image given a cropping rectangle, in the same way that
 * the iOS cordova-plugin-camera-preview creates its preview image.
 * See captureOutput function src/ios/CameraRendererController.m of
 * for details on how the image preview is created.
 * Code adapted by github @youralien
 * @param base64PictureData {String} Pure base64 string without contentType
 * @param rect_width {Number} Preview rectangle width
 * @param rect_height {Number} Preview rectangle height
 * @param callback {Function}
 * @see
 * @return base64imageURL
function b64CropLikeCordova(base64PictureData, rect_width, rect_height, callback) {

  // image will contain ORIGINAL image
  let image = new Image();

  // image will contain CROPPED image
  let canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
  let ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');

  // Load original image into image element
  image.src = 'data:image/jpeg;base64,' + base64PictureData;
  image.onload = function(){

    let scaleHeight = rect_height/image.height;
    let scaleWidth = rect_width/image.width;

    let scale;
    let x_img_units;
    let y_img_units;
    if (scaleHeight < scaleWidth) {
      scale = scaleWidth;
      x_img_units = 0;
      y_img_units = (image.height - (rect_height / scale)) / 2;
    } else {
      scale = scaleHeight;
      x_img_units = (image.width - (rect_width / scale)) / 2;
      y_img_units = 0;

    let rect_width_img_units = rect_width / scale;
    let rect_height_img_units = rect_height / scale;

    // Set canvas size equivalent to interpolated rectangle size
    canvas.width = rect_width_img_units;
    canvas.height = rect_height_img_units;

      x_img_units, y_img_units,                       // Start CROPPING from (x_img_units, y_img_units).
      rect_width_img_units, rect_height_img_units,    // Crop interpolated rectangle
      0, 0,                                           // Place the result at 0, 0 in the canvas,
      rect_width_img_units, rect_height_img_units);   // Crop interpolated rectangle

    // Get base64 representation of cropped image
    let cropped_img_base64 = canvas.toDataURL();

    // Now we are ready to send cropped image TO SERVER

    return cropped_img_base64;

Testing: This was tested with iPhone 6s, with the default front-facing camera image size (1280x960) and default back-facing image size (4032 x 3024).

sardapvcommented, Aug 13, 2020

@youralien you are an angel … tysm 😃

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