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react-router 5.0.0 incompatibility with AppSidebarNav

See original GitHub issue

react-router just released version 5.0.0 (supposedly 4.4.0 but they need to bump the major version due to versioning issue; but it was supposed to be backwards compatible with 4.x)

coreui react is working without problems with react-router 4.3.1. When I upgrade to react-router 5.0.0, I am getting an error whenever I use AppSidebarNav

coreui/coreui version 2.1.8 coreui/react version 2.1.5

Error when using AppSidebarNav

modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:119104 Uncaught Invariant Violation: You should not use <Route> or withRouter() outside a <Router>
    at invariant (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:119104:15)
    at Route.computeMatch (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:118231:29)
    at new Route (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:118206:20)
    at constructClassInstance (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:19692:18)
    at updateClassComponent (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:23018:5)
    at beginWork (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:23975:16)
    at performUnitOfWork (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:27643:12)
    at workLoop (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:27683:24)
    at HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:8526:14)
    at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackDev (http://localhost:3002/packages/modules.js?hash=64eadce6a41dd5bd128fd48eb8bcb293f3d5a29f:8576:16)
The above error occurred in the <Route> component:
    in Route (created by NavLink)
    in NavLink (created by AppSidebarNav)
    in li (created by NavItem)
    in NavItem (created by AppSidebarNav)
    in ul (created by Nav)
    in Nav (created by AppSidebarNav)
    in div (created by ScrollBar)
    in ScrollBar (created by AppSidebarNav)
    in AppSidebarNav (created by SideNav)
    in div (created by AppSidebar)
    in ClickOutComponent (created by AppSidebar)
    in AppSidebar (created by SideNav)

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  • Created 4 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rj-davidcommented, May 16, 2019

@xidedix thanks for a clear guide. I’ll try it in a few days

xidedixcommented, May 17, 2019

@rj-david @dap1995

v2.5.0 has been released. <del>Please read the migration guide before upgrading.</del>

It turns out this is not such a breaking change, as it seemed at a glance. Just update dependencies and you’re good.

@coreui/react to ~2.5.0 react-router-dom to ^5.0.0 react-router-config to ^5.0.0

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