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3D volume rendering

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I am trying to implement rendering a volume in the way that is displayed in both videos below (the first video was taken from the 3D Slicer program). I couldn’t find anything like this in the docs or the examples. Does anyone have a tip on how this could be implemented? I’d just need someone to point me in a direction so I can investigate this further.

I found this example on the VTK.js website that seems to do what I need but I’m not sure how to do these things through Cornerstone3D. It seems like I need to use a vtkImageMarchingCubes filter inside a viewport but I’m not sure how it’s done.

Thank you!

Video 1: Video 2:

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sedghicommented, Nov 1, 2022

I had some time to look at this, see my branch here, which is just very ugly implementation, but you get the idea, if you can create a PR I would be happy to review it

cd packages/tools
yarn run example 3dViewport


sedghicommented, Oct 27, 2022

There are two things here

  1. 3D Volume Viewport support: currently our volume viewports are forcing the clipping planes on a tiny tiny slice which is not required for the 3D Volume viewport. So that is not yet implemented. Solution: you can create another volume viewport basically copy pasting the whole thing and just removing the places where we are enforcing the clipping planes
  2. Application of filters which is another thing we don’t support right now, I guess we need to add api to apply a filter on the image data before feeding it to the mapper (or revise the mapper to get it from the filtered image data)

Happy to review PRs for any of them

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