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Various upgrade issues

See original GitHub issue

I’ve noticed new releases for cornerstone and its companion tool project:

  • cornerstone-core (0.12.1) (previously 0.11.0)
  • cornerstone-tools (0.9.0) (previously 0.8.9)

It may be worth noting that I load images using the cornerstone-web-image-loader package.

When I run npm install cornerstone-tools@0.9.0 --save, at runtime I get the following error:

element is not enabled

Thinking I need to update to the latest cornerstone-core to resolve the issue, I run npm install cornerstone-core@0.12.1 --save, but I see the following error at runtime:

loadImageFromImageLoader: no image loader for imageId

No other changes. Only package updates. If I revert, delete node_modules, and restore all packages, I am able to continue development.

Any/all help is appreciated.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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henryhe1commented, Jun 19, 2018

Had this problem as well updating from a previous version of Cornerstone. You need to load the cornerstoneWADOImageLoaderCodecs.js and cornerstoneWADOImageLoaderWebWorker.js scripts as well if you are using the WADO loader. Then I have this at the beginning of my main script after loading dependencies:

cornerstoneWADOImageLoader.external.cornerstone = cornerstone;

var config = {
    webWorkerPath : 'new/js/frameworks/cornerstoneWADOImageLoaderWebWorker.js',
    taskConfiguration: {
        'decodeTask' : {
            // path of the codecs file. For some reason I have to access it differently than WebWorker even though it's at the same location? Not sure, but it works lol
            codecsPath: '../../../new/js/frameworks/cornerstoneWADOImageLoaderCodecs.js'


Hope that helps

swederikcommented, Nov 10, 2017

I think this has now been fixed with the dependency injection work. You would need to add this somewhere, though:

cornerstoneWebImageLoader.external.cornerstone = cornerstone;
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