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How can we get the PixelData of the dicom image instead of converting it into an Uint16Array?

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Hi I have two server talking to each other one is python over which I am using pydicom, which sends the file to my node server. So in order to check the integrity of the images I wanted to apply a checksum with pixeldata on both the side. On pydicom when I happened to get the pixel data from dataset I get a big string of "\x00\x80B\xc3........" but when I happened to check the same on dicom parser for the same I get an object something like

{ tag: 'x7fe00010',
  vr: 'OW',
  length: 175186,
  dataOffset: 2334,
  hadUndefinedLength: true,
  encapsulatedPixelData: true,
  basicOffsetTable: [],
  fragments: [ { offset: 0, position: 2350, length: 175162 } ] } '

so anything can be done to get the same set of pixeldata ? or is there any way to get the encapsulatedPixelData with the help of this object which seems to be a meta-data

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  • Created 4 years ago
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chafeycommented, Feb 10, 2020

Image Frame = single 2D image encoded in the specified transfer synbtax. Fragmentation = encoding an image frame into multiple pieces. These are both DICOM terms and you can read more about them in the DICOM standard if you wish. Getting an uncompressed 2D image frame is very complex in DICOM due to a variety of issues. If you just want to access 2D image frame buffer, you can see how CornerstoneImageLoader does it here:

Note that this image frame will be encoded with the transfer syntax. You can see how CornerstoneWADOImageLoader decodes it here:

dannyrbcommented, Feb 10, 2020

Is anything floating around in the react-vtkjs-viewport library helpful for you @agirault? It’s using dicomParser, cornerstoneWADOImageLoader, and a dash of its own code to build vtk.js volumes:

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