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Translation issues for Science 5 (EN) graphs

See original GitHub issue

Where to find the issue

Describe the issue

These are issues with the graphs included after merge of the Science 5 article translation into English. See PR

Fig 1: Tests provided and accessed via the CWA and their results.

  • Typo: Possitive test results (accessed) should be “Positive”

Fig 3: Number of individuals who received a red and green warning per individual providing a warning in chronological sequence.

  • Missing closing bracket on y-axis Number of warning individuals (per individual providing a warning

  • Multiple years shown with no year specified

Figure 4: Positivity rate after risk notification in chronological sequence (PCR)

  • y-axis is labelled Percentage of individuals that tested positive and Percentage is also used to label graph data, however the numbers on the y-axis are a fraction not a percentage. In German the term “Positivenanteil” is used.

  • Multiple years shown with no year specified

Figure. 5: Positivity rate after risk notification. The number of new infections in chronological sequence (RAT).

  • Similar comment to above regarding the incorrect use of the term “Percentage” for the y-axis.

  • Multiple years shown with no year specified

Figure 6: Percentage of users, for whom the risk determination is not possible (CWA data donation).

  • Similar comment to above regarding the incorrect use of the term “Percentage” for the y-axis.

  • Multiple years shown with no year specified

  • Typo: White tail should be White tile

Figure 10: Estimation of the number of active users resulting from the percentage of the individuals donating data.

  • Untranslated label Mittelwert der letzten 30 Tage is in German

Figure 11: Comparison of download numbers and active users or active apps, respectively, for Corona-Warn-App, and SwissCovidApp.

  • Untranslated label Aktive Nutzende is in German

Figure 12: Active devices in the narrower sense) via downloads of daily key files (TSI).

  • Dates are in German format e.g. 6. Dec. English dates do not use a “.”

Figure 13: Active devices (in the narrower sense) after days since last accessing the daily key files (TSI)

  • Untranslated x-axis label Tag

Figure 15: Information relating to the installation (Apple).

  • Untranslated term Hochrechnung is in German

Figure 16: Various estimations of active users (in the broader sense).

  • Untranslated terms Mittelwert, Heuristik and Warnende are in German


Correct translation issues in graphs and republish.

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  • Created a year ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

christianneucommented, Aug 18, 2022

Issue was fixed, therefore I would close it.

MikeMcC399commented, Aug 22, 2022
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