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Support for KeyFactory Interfaces

See original GitHub issue

We are working on a project to benchmark improvements that can be achieved by using ACCP that currently uses BouncyCastle. However, the KeyFactory algorithm types are not yet supported by ACCP. Specifically, the “RSA” algorithm would be most helpful for our use case. Do you have plans to support that in the future?

For example, BouncyCastle exposes this utility to convert keys.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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huyngo1216commented, Mar 26, 2020

Dropping in the library and running against some benchmarking we have in place, we’re seeing a ~25% latency + throughput improvement!

Following up on your second point:

Creating multiple copies of a provider is an anti-pattern and can cause performance problems

Is there any reference documentation/blog posts you can point me to so I can read up on that?

SalusaSeconduscommented, Mar 26, 2020

I don’t have any references from that, just personal experience.

I found some code which kept creating new instances of BouncyCastleProvider. That’s an expensive object to create and resulted in extra GC pressure as the old ones got discarded.

But 25%? That’s great! Things like this are exactly why we released this library in the first place and it’s nice to hear that it is helping out others.

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KeyFactory (Java Platform SE 8 ) - Oracle Help Center
Every implementation of the Java platform is required to support the following standard KeyFactory algorithms: DiffieHellman; DSA; RSA.
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KeyFactory - Android Developers Overview. Interfaces. ObserverCallback. Classes. DocumentChangeInfo · ObserverSpec · ObserverSpec.Builder · SchemaChangeInfo.
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Interface - Washington
The Key interface is the top-level interface for all keys. It defines the functionality shared by all key objects. All keys have three...
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The KeyFactory Class (Java Security)
Construct a key factory based on the given factory service provider class that is implemented by the given provider and that provides keys...
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Interface Datastore (2.12.3) | Java client library | Google Cloud
Interface Datastore (2.12.3) ... public interface Datastore extends Service<DatastoreOptions>, ... IncompleteKey incompleteKey1 = keyFactory.newKey();
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