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Crash when serializing division with LaTeX

See original GitHub issue

Version: 0.4.4


  1. Initialize Compute Engine
  2. Set jsonSerializationOptions.metadata = ['latex']
  3. Parse 1/x
  4. Try to print the MathJson for the resulting BoxedExpression.

Here’s a quick node session replicating the problem:

> const ComputeEngine = require("@cortex-js/compute-engine").ComputeEngine
> let myCe = new ComputeEngine()
> myCe.parse("1/x").json
[ 'Divide', 1, 'x' ]
> myCe.jsonSerializationOptions.metadata = ['latex']
[ 'latex' ]
> myCe.parse("1/x").json
Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
    --> starting at object with constructor 'global'
    --- property 'global' closes the circle
    at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>)
    at /Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:69692
    at Ne.serialize (/Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:69710)
    at ke.serialize (/Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:74791)
    at zt.serialize (/Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:267194)
    at vi (/Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:140335)
    at Oi.get json [as json] (/Users/bengold/brilliant/node_modules/@cortex-js/compute-engine/dist/compute-engine.min.js:2:163316)

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  • Created a year ago
  • Reactions:1
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bengoldscommented, Apr 5, 2022

Thanks a million, Arno! Super excited to get these fixes (and some of the new features in compute engine) integrated 😄

arnogcommented, Apr 5, 2022

I’ve published compute-engine@0.5.0 that incorporate these changes and a corresponding mathlive@0.5.0.

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