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Repository bean not found

See original GitHub issue


I am using spring jpa 2.2.6.RELEASE and spring-data-jpa-entity-graph 2.2.8. I have added @EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryFactoryBeanClass = EntityGraphJpaRepositoryFactoryBean.class) to config class.

Repository bean is Extending EntityGraphJpaRepository<T, Integer>,EntityGraphQuerydslPredicateExecutor<T>.

I have followed all steps as mentiioned in the docs.

JPA Config. ` @Configuration @EnableJpaAuditing(auditorAwareRef = “auditorAware”) @EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryFactoryBeanClass = EntityGraphJpaRepositoryFactoryBean.class) //@EnableJpaRepositories public class JpaConfig {

        public AuditorAware<String> auditorAware() {
            return new AuditorImpl();
        public JPAQueryFactory jpaQueryFactory(EntityManager entityManager)
            return new JPAQueryFactory(entityManager);
        } `


        public interface GeneralRepository<T> extends EntityGraphJpaRepository<T, Integer>,EntityGraphQuerydslPredicateExecutor<T> {


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  • Created 3 years ago
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ylcinyakupcommented, May 18, 2020

@Configuration @EnableJpaRepositories(repositoryFactoryBeanClass = EntityGraphJpaRepositoryFactoryBean.class, basePackages = {“”}) public class RepositoryConfig { }

Rahul1dcommented, May 18, 2020

The basePackage was missing . Thanks @ylcinyakup .

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