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[FEATURE]: Enable COG creation

See original GitHub issue

Currently COGs can’t be created from within solaris. I did try to implement it, but ran into an error when I tried to do so:

RasterioIOError: Read or write failed. Writing through VRTSourcedRasterBand is not supported.

This was a GDAL CPLE_-originating error. Googling around, this seems like it’s not restricted to rio_cogeo, but the way writing is implemented in rio_cogeo could be the source of it. Alternatively, it could be an issue with the fact that I have both GDAL python bindings and rasterio installed in the environment. I got the same error when I just tried to run rio_cogeo.cogeo.cog_translate() directly in a Jupyter notebook on a GeoTIFF (not within the solaris functionality).

Two things I need to do to test this:

  1. create a new conda environment with no GDAL installed outside of rasterio and rio_cogeo, and see if I still have the same issue. If not, then this is likely a consequence of installing both GDAL and rasterio and we’ll need to figure out how to resolve that.
  2. If the above doesn’t fix the problem, submit an issue to the rio_cogeo repository.

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vincentsaragocommented, Jun 28, 2019

@nrweir I’ll have a look, please feel free to tag me on any rio-tiler/rio-cogeo/rasterio issues

vincentsaragocommented, Jul 9, 2019

@nrweir excellent, yes please feel free to share any tips or open a PR 😄

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