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Stargate: no pagination available for Bank/TotalSupply

See original GitHub issue

I am trying to paginate my call to TotalSupply in stargate’s Bank module but it returns the same response whether I pass pagination params or not:

Image 2022-02-16 at 5 43 00 PM

In this screenshot I’m showing what I’ve done to create my own BankExtension, since stargate’s own one does not relay pagination details to the underlying call. I’ve had success creating my own extensions before, and I’ve verified that passing a pagination key in this way works when calling Staking/ValidatorDelegations, so it seems that this is purely an issue on the RPC node itself. The response is always the same (maxed out at 100) whether I pass pagination details or not.

The reason I think it’s on the RPC side is that stargate’s method of calling these endpoints is exactly the same:


ValidatorDelegations(request) {
    const data = exports.QueryValidatorDelegationsRequest.encode(request).finish();
    const promise = this.rpc.request("cosmos.staking.v1beta1.Query", "ValidatorDelegations", data);
    return promise.then((data) => exports.QueryValidatorDelegationsResponse.decode(new minimal_1.default.Reader(data)));


TotalSupply(request) {
    const data = exports.QueryTotalSupplyRequest.encode(request).finish();
    const promise = this.rpc.request("", "TotalSupply", data);
    return promise.then((data) => exports.QueryTotalSupplyResponse.decode(new minimal_1.default.Reader(data)));

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  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:12 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

JGJPcommented, Mar 9, 2022

The problem was purely client side, but unfortunately Stargate doesn’t support specifying any pagination params, here’s my custom solution:

import { QueryClient } from "@cosmjs/stargate"
import { Tendermint34Client } from "@cosmjs/tendermint-rpc"
import { QueryClientImpl as BankQueryClientImpl } from "cosmjs-types/cosmos/bank/v1beta1/query"

const setupCustomBankExtension = base => {
    const queryService = new BankQueryClientImpl({
        request: (service, method, data) => {
            const path = `/${service}/${method}`
            return base.queryUnverified(path, data)
    return {
        customBank: {
            totalSupply: async paginationKey => {
                return await queryService.TotalSupply({
                    pagination: {
                        countTotal: false,
                        key: paginationKey,
                        offset: Long.fromNumber(0, true),
                        limit: Long.fromNumber(100, true),
                        reverse: false,
                    } as PageRequest,

const tmClient = QueryClient.withExtensions(
    await Tendermint34Client.connect(rpcEndpoint),

const paginationKey = new Uint8Array()
const { supply, pagination } = await tmClient.customBank.totalSupply(paginationKey)

Please thumbs up this or something so people know to use this

JGJPcommented, Mar 15, 2022

It looks like I didn’t form the pagination object correctly

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