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Upstream useful helpers into @cosmjs/cli

See original GitHub issue

In I went to make the easiest intro to using the cw20-base contract via @cosmjs/cli. However, the setup code we have by default wasn’t the simplest, so I refactored this along the way.

In particular, please look at this code section:

It allows us to simply const client = await useOptions(coralnetOptions).setup(password); and create or recover a password-encrypted key, configured with all chain-specific options. We can provide different options, like gaiaFlexOptions for easy drop-in. I also worked to limit the number of top-level exports to avoid name-space pollution.

However, I would rather not copy this code in each contract we support with helpers and wanted to upstream it to @cosmjs/cli. I was thinking to keep the actual concrete options in the contract helpers for now, until we figure out how to do mix ins (options from testnets dir, cw20-base bindings here, cw1-subkeys bindings here…).

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webmaster128commented, Oct 14, 2020

Starting with 0.23.1, you can use a FaucetClient in the CLI (see

webmaster128commented, Oct 27, 2020

0.23.1 was just released, including the FaucetClient

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