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Is there a way to load image file from disk to WSprite?

See original GitHub issue

Obviously its no problem if its images already in my assets folder, or some item in the game that already has an Identifier that I’m trying to use with new WSprite(new Identifier("some identifier")), but I cant figure out how to (if its even possible) make an arbitrary path to an image C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\... .png usable as a WSprite.

Is there a way to convert some path of an image into an ‘Identifier’, or am I just to use the in-game item Identifiers or preloaded images etc in my assets? If its just the assets folder stuff, is it a thing to load external images into a mods assets folder or something?

new to this stuff btw

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  • Created 3 years ago
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LemmaEOFcommented, Sep 7, 2020

Any texture used in LibGui, or any other GUI system, needs to be inside of a loaded resource pack. This can be the vanilla resource pack, a mod resource pack, or a player-added resource pack. For security reasons, it can’t just find any random file on your computer.

LemmaEOFcommented, Sep 9, 2020

@Username404-59 It’d still not be doable. The resource pack system is very strict. There are a few hacky things you could do but LibGui WSprites aren’t built for them. You’d need to likely make your own widget.

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