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Invalid numeric value

See original GitHub issue

Library Version

.NET Runtime

Xamarin Forms UWP / Android / iOS

Log Output

The following QueryBuilder expression gives a “Invalid numeric valu” (spelling is wrong too) message (note that the Latitude and Longitude properties are double and that the N1QL version of this query runs perfectly on the server):

var srcLat = Expression.Double(41.482343);//zip.Latitude); var srcLong = Expression.Double(-81.794563);//zip.Longitude);

				//AND acos(sin(radians(srcLat)) * sin(RADIANS(Latitude)) + cos(RADIANS(srcLat)) * cos(RADIANS(Latitude)) * cos(RADIANS(srcLong) - RADIANS(Longitude))) * 3955
				var formula = Function.Acos(Function.Sin(Function.Radians(srcLat))
				where = where.And(formula.LessThanOrEqualTo(Expression.Double(10)));//(int)PostalCodeRadius)));

Output of query.Explain() is: SELECT fl_result(key) FROM kv_default WHERE ((((fl_value(body, ‘Type’) = ‘Directory’ AND fl_value(body, ‘GroupGuid’) = ‘cb87110f-94e1-e511-80e5-002590701742’) AND fl_value(body, ‘CountryGuid’) = ‘2c48717e-f7e5-e511-80e5-002590701742’) AND fl_value(body, ‘BusinessTypeGuid’) = ‘5045717e-f7e5-e511-80e5-002590701742’) AND acos(((sin(radians(41.482343)) * sin(radians(fl_value(body, ‘Latitude’))) + cos(radians(41.482343))) * cos(radians(fl_value(body, ‘Latitude’)))) * cos(radians(-81.794562999999997) - radians(fl_value(body, ‘Longitude’)))) * 3955 <= 10) AND (flags & 1) = 0 0|0|0| SEARCH TABLE kv_default USING INDEX IX_Type_RowId (<expr>=?)

Expected behavior

This should result in a valid query.

Actual behavior

Exception thrown

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:10 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

blimkemanncommented, May 1, 2019

Thanks @Sandychuang8 that works perfectly!

Sandychuang8commented, May 1, 2019

Hi @blimkemann, Try this one. I modified your expression a bit to get it to work.

var formula = Function.Acos(Function.Sin(Function.Radians(srcLat)) .Multiply(Function.Sin(Function.Radians(Expression.Property(Latitude)))) .Add(Function.Cos(Function.Radians(srcLat)).Multiply(Function.Cos(Function.Radians(Expression.Property(Latitude)))) .Multiply(Function.Cos(Function.Radians(srcLong).Subtract(Function.Radians(Expression.Property(Longitude))))))) .Multiply(Expression.Double(3955));

You will need to move Multiple into Add() otherwise you will add first then multiply…

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