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Issues with secondary indexes

See original GitHub issue

Hello, I’m using Ottoman.js v2.2.0. I have a few models with different types of indexes. When I start the application (which calls await ottoman.start() I see the following issues:

  1. I have the following index on a few models, however the index is created only for the first one:
mySchema.index.findById = {
  by: '_id',
  type: 'n1ql'
  1. On the CB Admin UI I don’t see refdoc indexes, defined like this:
mySchema.index.findByTest = {
  by: 'test',
  type: 'refdoc'
  1. All index names are prefixed by __default__default. I guess that’s the collection name + scope name, but is there a way to specify a custom name for an index? (I couldn’t find any prop with TS autocomplete) image

  2. There’s a default index being created with some strange name. Why is it created and why does it have such a name? image

  3. I see the following output when debug mode is enabled. Seems it tries to create the default index for each of the models (I have 7 models, so the first one is succeeded and 6 are failed). Also instead of seeing the other index names, it outputs just undefineds. image

  4. I created two indexes: one based on field A and field B and another one based on field A only, like the following:

/* first index */
mySchema.index.findByAandB = {
  by: ['A', 'B'],
  type: 'n1ql'

/* second index */
mySchema.index.findByA = {
  by: 'A',
  type: 'n1ql'

When I run a query like this: select * from test_bucket where A="test", the Advice tab shows that the second index has been used (which is correct).

When I run the following query: select * from test_bucket where A="test" and B="test", the Advice tab shows that the first index has been used (also correct).

However, when I run the first query again after the second one, it always shows that the first index is being used although there’s no condition on field B in the query.


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  • Created a year ago
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kishmiryan-karlencommented, May 18, 2022

@gsi-alejandro thanks a lot!

gsi-alejandrocommented, May 16, 2022

@kishmiryan-karlen the next release will be this week or the next one.

By the way, I already fixed these issues.

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