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We are planning to simplify the way components are imported in v4. Currently, there are multiple ways to import components depending on the usage. We would like to change that in v4: there will only be one entry point for all components:

import { Button, Container, Table } from 'react-bulma-components';

This makes the TypeScript definition file simpler and importing components much less tedious.

cc @couds are we settled on this? If so, I will start making this change.

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kennethnymcommented, Aug 4, 2020

I actually prefer the namespaced import because it makes it clear semantically that the component is part of a Form.

kennethnymcommented, Sep 20, 2020

Tree shaking should be working (tested with CRA only). Would be great if someone can confirm this with other configurations by installing the next branch of this library:

npm i

For some reason, when trying to install next branch with yarn, yarn also resolves devDependencies, which drastically increases the number of dependencies installed. Not sure if this is a problem with yarn itself or if it’s our fault.

cc @timorthi @couds

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