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Provide simple visualizations, link to existing ones in the meantime

See original GitHub issue

Thanks for this project!

Adding visualizations and the ability to query and drill down into the data would be very handy. E.g. I’d love to see a time series plot of the daily data for just one state or one outcome (positive or death or whatever).

Until that is available, thanks for linking via Twitter to one visualization website for this data:

That one is great because it shows barcharts of data over time per state. That site is:

I’ve seen the URL fail a few times with a warning from Tableau, but if it remains stable, you might want to list it from the website.

For comparison, I also note some other visualizations, which as far as I’ve seen don’t provide the ability to drill down to a region and see a time series for just that area:

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MrSteve2commented, Mar 31, 2020

@nealmcb are you looking for something like they talk about on slides 14/15 “Estimated 5% of total infected (not diagnosed cases) require hospitalization” Ie Chart positives / hospitalizations? Like this for NY visualization-1

I can quickly create Vega/Vegalite versions that could be auto-generated and could be used to insert into your website. IE, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

theojuliennecommented, Mar 24, 2020 (and sub-state pages) are now pulling the wonderful (❤️ ❤️ thank you!) data provided from the API here for US states over the top of JHU CSSE data for the rest of the world.

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