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naming a variable starting with a '+' crashes all MiniZinc's subsolvers

See original GitHub issue

Solver: all Minizinc’s subsolvers CPMpy: version v0.9.9 commit e79b3afedc934a9437c2ddb3a9f54d7e2d7bd3ee minizinc-python release version 0.7.0 commit {

This one was a fun one to find, I made a typo when naming a variable and the MiniZinc subsolvers crashed. It works with other symbols as well, I tried -, #, %, * and more. It does not occur with ‘ortools’ or ‘gurobi’.

from cpmpy import *

b = boolvar(name="+")
m = Model()
m += b==0

expected behavior: Treat the variable name as a name instead of code.

Bug found while working on my master thesis.

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  • State:open
  • Created 10 months ago
  • Comments:5

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Wout4commented, Dec 9, 2022

So we decided not to clean the variables because this can lead to duplicate names (for example ‘6var’ and ‘5var’ would both be cleaned to var because names cannot start with a number)

However this can still occur for names with any of the following characters: ‘,’ ’ ’ ‘.’ ‘[’ and ‘]’ (not much we can do about that because these get introduced with np arrays)

Wout4commented, Nov 29, 2022

@tias Already had a bit of code in there that cleaned the variable name from some illegal characters (but only a handful of them).

Do you think it’s best to clean all possible variable names, or to throw an exception saying which names are allowed?

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