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Advanced Constraints

See original GitHub issue

Create constraints that allow more freedom of placement.

Implementation: non-linear Optimisation scipy offers a range of optimisation methods.

Optimisation methods could be defaulted, then optionally fine-tuned by advanced users, all through one common interface (scipy).

Inspiration for constraints… naming observed from official OnShape and Solidworks tutorials:


  • angle, coincident, concentric, distance, lock, parallel, perpendicular, and tangent mates
  • limit, linear/linear coupler, path, symmetry, and width
  • cam-follower, gear, hinge, rack and pinion, screw, and universal joint


  • Fastened
  • Revolute
  • Slider
  • Planar
  • Cylindrical
  • Pin Slot
  • Ball

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  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:9 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

everlanescommented, Oct 6, 2019

Hi, I have a proof of concept for a flexible solver using the scipy least square root solver. It is working quite nicely and I can apply multiple constriants to any part.

For now I have to following constraints working:

  • Origin: constrains origin and direction of a part to a CoordinateSystem()
  • OriginDir: constrains only the orientation of a part to a CoordinateSystem()
  • Position: constrains position and direction of two mates
  • Direction: constrains only the direction of two mates
  • Plane: constrains one mates position to be located in a plane parall to the seconds mate plane

Next steps would be to clean it up and integrate it into the cqparts code. This would mean to replace the current solver.solve method the function and to add new constraint classes.

My questions:

  1. is it desired that I work on this?
  2. is anyone else currently working on this?
  3. can I modify the function or is anyone else currently working on this?
  4. which branch should I fork to minimize merge conflicts?
everlanescommented, Oct 11, 2019

I have uploaded a first draft for a numeric solver with flexible constraints in #158

All tests are passing in my development environment, but sadly not with AppVeyor - OCC dependency is missing and scipy dependency should be added. I’m just not sure, where to add these dependencies.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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