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Point me in the right direction: adding media print support

See original GitHub issue

I want to use print js and i want it to detect and use my @media print{} style block. point me in the right direction for adding this support, so i can get a PR open and merged and hopefully you can crank out a new version asap. i need this bad, so bad i will do the PR myself. just need a bit of a push in the right direction. i’m not super familiar with typescript but i did work on a few angular2/4 projects so i know enough to probably get it done.

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  • Created 5 years ago
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r3wtcommented, May 17, 2018

@crabbly First, i’d like to thank the crabbly team for their work on this matter. Second, i’d like to think the author of the PR, @zikkAbdelaziz . Thank you Zakaria. Thank you Crabbly Team. I got busy and ended up just bailing on the PR in favor of the path of least resistance, which was just rolling my own using @media print and window.print(). In the future, i’ll probably take a look at migrating to this library if it makes sense. Thank you all again for your hard work, i appreciate it, and i’m sure there will be others that will come along to appreciate your hard work as well. Have a blessed day. Garrett

zikkcommented, May 17, 2018

@r3wt You’re welcome @crabbly Check out #168

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