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[1.11] /minetweaker entities - doesn't list entities from mods.

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description:

I installed a few mods. Tinkers Construct, for example, Forestry, e.t.c. I’m trying to get all entities that are exist in the game. I type “/minetweaker entities”.

What happens:

In the minetweaker.log file I see only an entities from vanilla.

What you expected to happen:

I expected to see all entities from vanilla and mods, because this command refers to an “EntityList” which contains all entities, including mod’s entities. I didn’t delve in the source code too much, so maybe I’m mistaken. I just need to know, is this bug or that works like it was intended to.

Actually I don’t understand is there even support for an entities from other mods? In the ZenScript I write <entity:cow> And I get cow, that’s fine. But how to get an entity from other mod?

Script used

I used chat, not script.

Minetweaker.log file

Affected Versions (Do not use “latest”):

  • Minecraft: 1.11.2
  • Forge: 1.11.2-
  • Crafttweaker: 1.11.2-3.0.26

Your most recent log file where the issue was present:

Already gave Minetweaker.log file.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:18 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

bookerthegeekcommented, Jul 20, 2017

@jaredlll08, Found the issue. It is MTLib. Tested with:

  • MTLib-2.0.3
  • CraftTweaker-1.11.2-3.0.26
  • CodeChickenLib-1.11.2-
  • CoFHCore-1.11.2-
  • ThermalExpansion-1.11.2-
  • ThermalFoundation-1.11.2-

If you have MTLib, you only get Vanilla entities. Without MTLib you also get modded entities. Hope that helps.

@rinart73 As a temp work around remove MTlib to get the entity list.

rinart73commented, Jul 21, 2017

@jaredlll08 ok, I found the source of the problem on the MTLib’s side. This line

I think it’s because MTLib loads earlier than the most of the mods. And as I see it’s a good practice to add Blocks/Entities/Recipes in the preInit() method. So, MTLib forces CraftTweaker to reload before any other mod adds anything.

In the MineTweakerImplementationAPI.reload() we can see a call. And since MCGame.ENTITY_DEFINITIONS is empty at that moment, it takes all entities from ForgeRegistries.ENTITIES and ‘caches’ them.

So, when everything is loaded MCGame.ENTITY_DEFINITIONS contains only vanilla Entities. And there is only one way to reload it (besides using a workaround - ReflectionHelper to get ENTITY_DEFINITIONS list and clear it). Is to call MCGame.getEntity() with the name of an entity from the mod. Because it refreshes ENTITY_DEFINITIONS. But it’s not really a good way.

So there is three (four?) ways I can suggest to fix this:

  1. Change the behavior of MCGame.getEntities() method to always get entities from ForgeRegistry. Or at least make a simple check. If the sizes of lists are different, refresh ENTITY_DEFINITIONS. As I understand mods just adding Entities, not removing them, so there should not be any problems with this code then.
  2. Add a method to refresh MCGame.ENTITY_DEFINITIONS (And tell every person who makes addons for CraftTweaker to use it).
  3. Remove preInit() stuff from MTLib.
  4. Use ReflectionHelper to get ENTITY_DEFINITIONS and clear it. (And tell every person who makes addons for CraftTweaker to use it)
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