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Collision detection between Layers

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Is it possible that collision detection between entities on different layers is not working as expected when each layer moves differently towards the viewport?

I have a static background layer (xResponse: 0, yResponse: 0)

When I have an entity here on x: 200, y: 200 It will not collide with an entity x: 100, y: 200 on a layer with xResponse: 1, yResponse: 1 when the Viewport.x is 100

(This prevents the sun in my game to be blocked by the moving scenery before it, using the Crafty Layer system)

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  • Created 7 years ago
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starwedcommented, Jan 11, 2017

Hmm, after thinking about it – is the point to know when another element overlaps the sun entity?

If so, that’s pretty similar to what we do to detect mouse clicks targets. I imagine you could create a method that checks an area of the viewport to find the first entity within it – would that suit your purpose?

mucahocommented, May 10, 2017

I propose to add a method, called something like Crafty.searchLayers(rect, filter). It would have similar signature as
Under the hood, it would do pretty much what Crafty.findPointerTargetEventByComponent does (as suggested by starwed).

EDIT: Initially I thought that findPointerTargetEventByComponent could leverage Crafty.searchLayers internally, but the code for checking pointer events is quite different. Pointer events need to check for click areas, plus there is no need to search layers without pointer entities.

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