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Question: Possibility of override movement logic?

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Hi! I’m sorry if I’m asking a stupid question. As I read in the FAQ: “The graph calculates distance between two actions, adding that cost automatically. Actions don’t need to be aware of each other, or their relative position in the graph, making them simpler.” Where would it be possible to redefine the logic of moving to the target and calculating the cost of this movement? As I understand it, now everything is based on lifetime logic, and I would like to adapt it to turn based grid logic.

P.s. I found IAgentMover on Life Cycles of Agent ( but don`t see this interface inside project(

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  • Created 3 months ago
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crashkonijncommented, Jul 13, 2023

Hi there!

I just pushed the branch I was working on, with the demo scene as I have shown before. Our new house is taking too much time and I just can’t find the energy to work on this at the moment.

I will continue with this, but it’s probably going to take a while.

So what the demo scene already does:

  • Example of turn based handling
  • Example of limiting x movement per turn, completing paths over multiple turns

What it doesn’t yet do:

  • Optimized handling of the agents, each is still called each frame even when it’s not their turn

Hopefully this is enough to get you going (for now). I will keep you posted!

crashkonijncommented, Jul 5, 2023

Hi there!

I wanted to give you an update. I did get turns somewhat working, although it’s not quite how I’d like it to work yet.

Tomorrow I’m getting the keys to my new house, so I wont be able to continue until next Monday.

Like I said, it’s taking a bit longer than I expected but I want to do it properly 😃


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