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File already exists error

See original GitHub issue


When deploying a directory with this action, I am getting the error:

##[error]EEXIST: file already exists, symlink '/home/runner/.cache/bazel/_bazel_runner/17d8e9b30b69e9aeac686c3673f39b5a/execroot/highschool_notes/bazel-out/k8-fastbuild/bin' -> '/tmp/github-pages-vbZ3SF'

For clarification, I am using the bazel buildsystem and pandoc to generate some HTML outputs from LaTeX files. After running, Bazel creates the following symlinks in the workspace directory:

bazel-bin -> /home/runner/.cache/bazel/_bazel_runner/17d8e9b30b69e9aeac686c3673f39b5a/execroot/highschool_notes/bazel-bin
bazel-highschool_notes -> /home/runner/.cache/bazel/_bazel_runner/17d8e9b30b69e9aeac686c3673f39b5a/execroot/highschool_notes/bazel-highschool_notes
bazel-out -> /home/runner/.cache/bazel/_bazel_runner/17d8e9b30b69e9aeac686c3673f39b5a/execroot/highschool_notes/bazel-out
bazel-testlogs -> /home/runner/.cache/bazel/_bazel_runner/17d8e9b30b69e9aeac686c3673f39b5a/execroot/highschool_notes/bazel-testlogs

I would expect that this just deploys as per usual (I have no problems in many other projects)


  • Repository URL (if public):
  • Build URL (if public):
name: Deploy docs

      - master
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Install bazelisk
        run: |
          curl -LO ""
          mkdir -p "${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/bin/"
          mv bazelisk-linux-amd64 "${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/bin/bazel"
          chmod +x "${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/bin/bazel"

      - name: Install pandoc
        run: |
          sudo apt install pandoc texlive-latex-base texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-fonts-extra texlive-latex-extra -y

      - name: Build
        run: |
          "${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/bin/bazel" clean
          "${GITHUB_WORKSPACE}/bin/bazel" build //:all

      - name: Check GitHub Pages status
        uses: crazy-max/ghaction-github-status@v1
          pages_threshold: major_outage

      - name: Deploy to GitHub Pages
        if: success()
        uses: crazy-max/ghaction-github-pages@v2
          target_branch: gh-pages
          build_dir: bazel-bin
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}


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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

crazy-maxcommented, Aug 6, 2020

@Ewpratten Should be fixed now

ewprattencommented, Aug 6, 2020

Alright, thank you. I’ll close this issue

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