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Add label/description decorator for "cleaner" code

See original GitHub issue

Perhaps it’s something that only irks me, but I find that this syntax quickly becomes readable after the function goes beyond a few lines:

   def publish_this(self, request, obj):
   publish_this.label = "Publish"  # optional
   publish_this.short_description = "Submit this article"  # optional

I’m currently using this little decorator to take care of the labels and description which works great:

def create_action(label=None, short_description=None):

    def _create_action(function):
        if label:
            function.label = label

        if short_description:
            function.short_description = short_description

        return function

    return _create_action

Usage is like this:

    @create_action('Publish', 'Submit this article')
    def publish_this(self, request, obj):

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crccheckcommented, Nov 14, 2022

There was some sort of cleanup thing I was going to do before a release but now I can’t remember. So I’ll just hit the button to release!

alfonsrvcommented, Nov 13, 2022

New release on pypi?

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