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Graphics new method 'drawPolygon'

See original GitHub issue
 * Draw Polygon
 * @param {[x, y][]} posList Position List
createjs.Graphics.prototype.drawPolygon = function (...posList) {
  const copyPosList = [...posList];
  if (copyPosList.length === 0) return this;
  const firstPos = copyPosList.splice(0, 1)[0];
  let chain = this.moveTo(firstPos[0], firstPos[1]);
  for (const pos of copyPosList) chain = chain.lineTo(pos[0], pos[1]);
  return chain.lineTo(firstPos[0], firstPos[1]);

This is a method that I defined in my project. I searched for that how to draw polygon using EaselJS. There were no methods of that. people have their own method for drawing a polygon. It’s not that hard to make your own method for it. But I think It would be better that EaselJS provides us the method.

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (5 by maintainers)

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danzencommented, Jan 22, 2021

Very nice. There is a drawPolyStar for regular polygons with a tiny API of dp(). I guess something like pg() might work - anyone else have a thought? I know most draws start with d but not drawRoundRectComplex. Another option might be dg(). We could double up in the chart below with dp/pg.

Another thing that I have found that even if you cp() a the end - which may be done automatically under the hood, that the line corner does not take the same corner point setting. So I think on our version of createjs drawPolyStar for ZIM, we keep going for one more turn - we will check that out as we consider the addition.


danzencommented, Apr 2, 2021

Here is an example of it working on the ZIM version of CreateJS - with same code as added to the repo here. image

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