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SpriteStage ignoring transforms

See original GitHub issue


As of 0.8.1, SpriteStage ignores any transforms (translate, scale etc) applied directly to the stage, even though the docs don’t mention any such restrictions. This is especially inconvenient if you want to combine Sprites and Bitmaps, since arbitrary Bitmaps can only be added direcly to the SpriteStage, not to SpriteContainers (and regular Containers aren’t allowed for SpriteStages). I wanted to implement panning and zoom for my whole scene, hence why I tried transforming my Stage.

Had a look at the source and it was pretty easy to enable transforms for the SpriteStage:


p._drawWebGLKids = function(kids, ctx, parentMVMatrix) {


            // Get the kid's global matrix (relative to the stage):
            mtx = (parentMVMatrix ? mtx.copy(parentMVMatrix) : mtx.identity()).appendTransform(kid.x, kid.y, kid.scaleX, kid.scaleY, kid.rotation, kid.skewX, kid.skewY, kid.regX, kid.regY);



p._drawWebGLKids = function(kids, ctx, parentMVMatrix) {


            if(!parentMVMatrix) {
                mtx = new createjs.Matrix2D().identity().appendTransform(this.x, this.y, this.scaleX, this.scaleY, this.rotation, this.skewX, this.skewY, this.regX, this.regY);
            } else {
                mtx = mtx.copy(parentMVMatrix);

            // Get the kid's global matrix (relative to the stage):
            mtx = mtx.appendTransform(kid.x, kid.y, kid.scaleX, kid.scaleY, kid.rotation, kid.skewX, kid.skewY, kid.regX, kid.regY);

Is there any reason why this is omitted? Code comments suggest this was intentional, but I can’t see why.

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  • Created 8 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

lannymcniecommented, Feb 22, 2017

@Cleod9 That is great to hear!

We are planning some polish and release in the next 2 weeks. We will post updates to the CreateJS blog and twitter.


Cleod9commented, Feb 22, 2017

@lannymcnie Just stumbled upon this StageGL mention, phenomenal work for a beta branch! This is a huge improvement over the limitations of SpriteContainer/SpriteStage. I plugged it into a 1920x1080 CreateJS canvas game we’re developing and it’s basically addressed of all of our performance woes without issue. Is there a recommended place I can follow along with news/updates on StageGL?

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