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how can release or destory sounds?

See original GitHub issue


thanks for developing SoundJS.

We are developing mmorpg with sound.js. I know how can we release loaded mp3 by calling instance.destroy()

but i gave error… i don’t know correct reason yet…

i wanna know how release sounds after registerSound, when every using done…


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  • Created 7 years ago
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reinierfcommented, Dec 3, 2018

The suggested solution only partly solves the problem. SoundInstance.destroy() does remove references to objects within the sound instance, but not the reference to the SoundInstance itself, which is kept in AbstractPlugin._soundInstances. When you have an event sound which is played often, for instance associated with a button, references keep piling up. Sound.removeSound(src) does remove references to SoundInstance instances, but removing/unloading the source sound is often not desired, as is the case with the button sound.

A bit of a hacky way (because it accesses the ‘private’ property _soundInstances of the plugin) to remove the references is:

var idx = Sound.activePlugin._soundInstances[soundInstance.src].indexOf(soundInstance);

(You still also have to call soundInstance.destroy() though.)

SeminYuncommented, Jan 3, 2017

@lannymcnie thx…

i hope it will be fixed asap


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