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Github CORS requirement clarification

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I’ve been asking Github to enable CORS headers to their HTTPS git servers, but they’ve refused to do it. This means that a browser can never clone from github because the browser will disallow XHR requests to the domain. They do, however, offer a REST interface to the raw git data. Using this I wrote a mixin for js-git that uses github as the backend store.

I am trying to understand if the lack of CORS support is limiting, if you are able to use the raw git data API. I guess this just necessitates the js-github adapter as opposed to using the normal git communication mechanisms. is it otherwise feature complete? Does this include pushing commits back to github?

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  • Created 9 years ago
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creationixcommented, Apr 23, 2019

As far as I know, they never responded. The joys of putting all our open source ecosystem in the hands of a closed-source company. Maybe we should reach out again now that they are part of Microsoft? Anyone have good contacts there?

creationixcommented, Oct 30, 2019

Credentials would be needed for private repos or pushing changes. But currently I can’t even read public repos without CORS enabled on their end.

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