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Request : Please make the Behaviour class public

See original GitHub issue

Current behavior

The Behaviour class is not accessible from the public. And the Behaviour class cannot be extended.

Expected behavior

The Behaviour class is accessible from the public.

Motivation / Use Case

Third party developers will be able to create custom behaviors.


Currently, the Color behavior in three-nebula has two variables, ColorA and ColorB.

I want to set the transparency to a more granular level. For this reason, I have prototyped a custom behavior with the color of the Canvas element as a variable.

This is a color behavior with canvas elements and png images as variables.

This prototype works in 5.1.0 and does not work in 5.1.1.

Why it doesn’t work

This prototype is a custom class that extends the Behavior class in the src directory.

From this commit, the src folder has been removed from the npm package. That’s why I can’t extend the Behavior class from src/behaviour/Behaviour.js.

Additional information

If getEasingByName() and SUPPORTED_JSON_BEHAVIOUR_TYPES are public, third party developers can customize the fromJson() function.

However, the public SUPPORTED_JSON_BEHAVIOUR_TYPES has a Side effects. If the behavior has a duplicate TYPE, fromJson will not work. You can’t limit what TYPE to third party developers.

I’ve thought of several ideas. They are not the best, but I hope they will help you.

  2. make the function for registering TYPE.


macOS 10.15.2 three-nebula 5.1.0 - 5.1.1 webpack 4.43.0

Thank you.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:6

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rohan-deshpandecommented, Aug 3, 2020

@cjsjy123 yes, the editor is what is holding up the release a bit, I want the editor to be available at this time. I’ve made the change and committed it to the develop branch in #100 please wait a tiny bit longer, it’ll be out in master soon!

rohan-deshpandecommented, Jul 12, 2020

Really soon please wait a little longer!

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