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[Bug] [Crash] Minecart creations with too much NBT data

See original GitHub issue

Type: Bug - Crash

Cause: Minecart creations in item form with too much data

Error message:

Connection Lost
Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codecDecoderException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Tried to read NBT tag that was too big; tried to allocate: 2097156bytes where max allowed: 2097152

Description: Picking up a minecart creation which has many items in chests on it (in this case a large tunnel bore that had been running for a while) causes the player to get kicked from the server/game (this does not crash the server nor crash/exit the game), trying to rejoin results in the same error.

Potential solution: I have no where near enough expertise to comment on this and yet, for some reason, I am anyway. Perhaps if minecart creation data was stored in some other DB rather than directly on items (kinda like maps?) this would probably be solved.

Other notes: I have run into issues already with trying to grab a minecart creation out of a simple storage access point before though with a much lower tolerance. Though this is an aside and less important.

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

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Notenoughmailcommented, Mar 18, 2021

I have seen this mod recommended for this issue.

github-actions[bot]commented, Apr 19, 2022

This issue has been closed since it has been inactive for 3 weeks since it was marked as stale.

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