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All requests result in NullPointerException after running for some time

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Getting an NPE on all requests (GET,POST,PATCH,DELETE) after application is running for some time. Using version 2.11.20190113153635. On startup all requests are working fine but at some point all requests result in NPE with below stack trace:

io.crnk.core.engine.internal.http.JsonApiRequestProcessor: - failed to process request, unknown exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException: null at ~[crnk-meta-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.meta.MetaLookup.access$300( ~[crnk-meta-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.meta.MetaLookup$2.runDiscovery( ~[crnk-meta-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.meta.provider.MetaPartitionBase.allocateMetaElement( ~[crnk-meta-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.jpa.internal.query.AbstractJpaQueryImpl.<init>( ~[crnk-jpa-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.jpa.internal.query.backend.criteria.JpaCriteriaQueryImpl.<init>( ~[crnk-jpa-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.jpa.query.criteria.JpaCriteriaQueryFactory.query( ~[crnk-jpa-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.jpa.query.criteria.JpaCriteriaQueryFactory.query( ~[crnk-jpa-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?] at io.crnk.jpa.JpaEntityRepositoryBase.findAll( ~[crnk-jpa-2.11.20190113153635.jar!/:?]

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

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remmeiercommented, Jun 24, 2019

can do it this week. beta has been out a while and is perfectly fine for use

kevinflaherty1commented, Jul 8, 2019

We upgraded to v3 and have not seen the problem since so I am going to close this issue.


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