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includeEpisodes doesn't work in daemon mode

See original GitHub issue

running in unraid docker daemon mode torznab branch my config

	// Whether to search for single episode torrents
	includeEpisodes: true,

	// search for all torrents, regardless of their contents
	// this option overrides includeEpisodes.
	searchAll: false,

my verbose log

2022-01-05 00:17:06 info: [server] Received  { infoHash: 'XxXxX' }
2022-01-05 00:17:06 verbose: [prefilter] Torrent XxXxX.S14E00.XxXxX.mkv was not selected for searching because it is a single episode
2022-01-05 00:17:06 info: [server] Did not search for { infoHash: 'XxXxX' }

I’m not sure why this episode is not searched for, the search is called for from Sonarr when an episode is imported with the code

curl -XPOST ${CROSS_SEED_HOST}/api/webhook \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{"infoHash":"'"${sonarr_download_id}"'"}'

exit 0

and since in the config i have “includeEpisodes: true” this episode should be searched right?

though im not sure if the qualifier for “searchAll” is whats messing this up, i don’t quite understand what “this option overrides includeEpisodes” is supposed to mean.

If searchAll is false and includeEpisodes is true does searchAll override includeEpisodes meaning that even if includeEpisodes is true it will not search for episodes since searchAll is false?

since includeEpisodes is false by default do i have to specifically call includeEpisodes:true in the JSON? does it not read the config.js?

i should point out that later without changing settings the daily userscript ran and the same torrent was picked up and correctly searched for and cross-seeded.

2022-01-05 01:37:31 info: Found 1123 torrents, 1 suitable to search for matches
2022-01-05 01:37:31 info: [1/1] Searching for XxXxX.S14E00.XxXxX
2022-01-05 01:37:31 verbose: [torznab]...
2022-01-05 01:37:39 info: Found XxXxX.S14E00.XxXxX on tracker
2022-01-05 01:37:40 info: Done! Found 1 cross seeds from 1 original torrents

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  • Created 2 years ago
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mmgoodnowcommented, Jan 16, 2022


mmgoodnowcommented, Jan 14, 2022

I suspect it’s not. Daemon mode doesn’t support the includeEpisodes flag, but it was an oversight on my part. I’ll fix that

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