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I found simular closed issue from 2015 year. Hope something changed during last year. As you may know webpack throws many errors when trying to build autobahn.

As written hire jQueryUI won’t work with browserify and works fine with webpack. So we are waiting for autobahn|js-webpack release.

var webpack= require('webpack');

module.exports = {
    entry: './src/app.js',
    output: {
        path: './bin',
        filename: 'app.bundle.js'
    module: {
        loaders: [
                test: /\.json$/,
                loader: 'json-loader'

Hash: 5409c01a396108dec34a Version: webpack 1.13.1 Time: 4548ms Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names app.bundle.js 1.2 MB 0 [emitted] main [0] ./src/app.js 82 bytes {0} [built] + 187 hidden modules

WARNING in ./~/bindings/bindings.js Critical dependencies: 76:22-40 the request of a dependency is an expression 76:43-53 the request of a dependency is an expression @ ./~/bindings/bindings.js 76:22-40 76:43-53

WARNING in ./~/bindings/ Module parse failed: /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/bindings/ Unexpected token (2:3) You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type. SyntaxError: Unexpected token (2:3) at Parser.pp$4.raise (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:2221:15) at Parser.pp.unexpected (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:603:10) at Parser.pp$3.parseExprAtom (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1822:12) at Parser.pp$3.parseExprSubscripts (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1715:21) at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeUnary (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1692:19) at Parser.pp$3.parseExprOp (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1656:43) at Parser.pp$3.parseExprOp (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1658:21) at Parser.pp$3.parseExprOps (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1639:17) at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeConditional (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1620:21) at Parser.pp$3.parseMaybeAssign (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1597:21) at Parser.pp$3.parseExpression (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:1573:21) at Parser.pp$1.parseStatement (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:727:47) at Parser.pp$1.parseTopLevel (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:638:25) at Parser.parse (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:516:17) at Object.parse (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/acorn/dist/acorn.js:3098:39) at Parser.parse (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/webpack/lib/Parser.js:902:15) at DependenciesBlock.<anonymous> (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/webpack/lib/NormalModule.js:104:16) at DependenciesBlock.onModuleBuild (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/webpack-core/lib/NormalModuleMixin.js:310:10) at nextLoader (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/webpack-core/lib/NormalModuleMixin.js:275:25) at /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/webpack-core/lib/NormalModuleMixin.js:259:5 at Storage.finished (/home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/enhanced-resolve/lib/CachedInputFileSystem.js:38:16) at /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/graceful-fs/graceful-fs.js:78:16 at FSReqWrap.readFileAfterClose as oncomplete @ ./~/bindings ^./.*$

ERROR in ./~/ws/lib/WebSocketServer.js Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module ‘tls’ in /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/ws/lib @ ./~/ws/lib/WebSocketServer.js 15:10-24

ERROR in ./~/options/lib/options.js Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module ‘fs’ in /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/options/lib @ ./~/options/lib/options.js 6:9-22

ERROR in ./~/bindings/bindings.js Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module ‘fs’ in /home/alexey2baranov/htdocs/kp-client/node_modules/bindings @ ./~/bindings/bindings.js 6:9-22

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:7

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glorthocommented, Nov 14, 2016

In case it helps anyone, we spent many hours trying to get autobahn to work with webpack, and this is what worked for our particular case:

$ npm i json-loader

relevant parts of webpack.config.js:

loaders: [{ test: /\.json$/, loader: 'json-loader' }],
externals: ['bindings'],
node: {
  fs: 'empty',
  tls: 'empty'
Jichaocommented, Aug 19, 2016

You could ignore these warnings, your app.bundle.js has generated.

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