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Not calling OnNotificationOpened event when app in terminated -Android

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When app in terminated (Killed from task-bar), And sending notification to app. When I tap on notification, OnNotificationOpened event not getting called. App navigating to MainPage

CrossFirebasePushNotification.Current.OnNotificationOpened += (s, p) =>
	var data = p.Data;
	if (p.Data.ContainsKey("color"))
	Device.BeginInvokeOnMainThread(() =>
		Xamarin.Forms.Application.Current.MainPage.Navigation.PushModalAsync(new Page1()
			BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex($"{p.Data["color"]}")

For more information visit this

Bug Information

Version Number of Plugin:2.3.5 Device Tested On: Moto c plus Simulator Tested On: Version of VS: 15.8 Version of Xamarin: 3.4 XF Versions of other things you are using:

Steps to reproduce the Behavior

Use code above & send notification when app in foreground

Expected Behavior

App should navigate to Targated screen when tapping on notification

Actual Behavior

When tapping on notification app going to MainPage

Code snippet


Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:11 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

arvindrajachourasiyacommented, Dec 12, 2018

@Mikilll94 - Thank you for your detailed information. As you said above you are able to open specific view when app terminated. Can you please give me sample repository to just compare where I am making mistake.

rdelrosariocommented, Jan 18, 2019

How is the payload being sent?

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