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RuntimeError: Core module unavailable. Trying to import from the source directory?

See original GitHub issue

I installed with sudo pip2.7 install pydoop. But when I try to import and test any hdfs function, I get the following runtime error:

In [11]: import pydoop.hdfs as hdfs

In [12]:"/user")
RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-12-b865d4bfdb3c> in <module>()
----> 1"/user")

/home/hadoop/manish/pydoop/pydoop/hdfs/__init__.pyc in ls(hdfs_path, user, recursive)
    319     items are hdfs paths instead of dictionaries of properties.
    320     """
--> 321     dir_list = lsl(hdfs_path, user, recursive)
    322     return [d["name"] for d in dir_list]

/home/hadoop/manish/pydoop/pydoop/hdfs/__init__.pyc in lsl(hdfs_path, user, recursive)
    298     """
    299     host, port, path_ = path.split(hdfs_path, user)
--> 300     fs = hdfs(host, port, user)
    301     if not recursive:
    302         dir_list = fs.list_directory(path_)

/home/hadoop/manish/pydoop/pydoop/hdfs/fs.pyc in __init__(self, host, port, user, groups)
    154             self.__status = self.__lookup((host, port, user))
    155         except KeyError:
--> 156             h, p, u, fs = _get_connection_info(host, port, user)
    157             aliasing_info = [] if user else [("user", u, user)]
    158             if h != "":

/home/hadoop/manish/pydoop/pydoop/hdfs/fs.pyc in _get_connection_info(host, port, user)
     72 def _get_connection_info(host, port, user):
---> 73     fs = core_hdfs_fs(host, port, user)
     74     res = urlparse(fs.get_working_directory())
     75     if res.scheme == "file":

/home/hadoop/manish/pydoop/pydoop/hdfs/core/__init__.pyc in core_hdfs_fs(host, port, user)
     43         else:
     44             msg = "Check that Pydoop is correctly installed"
---> 45         raise RuntimeError("Core module unavailable. %s" % msg)
     46     return _CORE_MODULE.CoreHdfsFs(host, port, user)

RuntimeError: Core module unavailable. Trying to import from the source directory?

By the way, I installed it in Cloudera CDH 5 distribution.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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simleocommented, Mar 16, 2018

Your machine does not have to be part of the Hadoop cluster. It just needs to be able to connect to the cluster nodes via TCP/IP. Please refer to for details on how to configure your Hadoop cluster.

Atrbearcommented, Mar 16, 2018

THX, I think it may be the problem of the hadoop settings.

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