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Search PEPS S2 products by tile id

See original GitHub issue

Most people I know are downloading PEPS images by tile id (e.g. for experiments on S2 L1C->L2A processing) There is an example on how to do that in It may be useful for a regex search like “31T[CDE][MLK]”, but it seems pretty complex to get only one tile, e.g. “31TFK”.

Would it be possible to integrate an example such as the following somewhere in the documentation/tutorials?

products = dag.search_all(

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sbrunatocommented, Apr 22, 2021

@floriandeboissieu @maximlt tileid is a peps S2_MSI_L1C and S2_MSI_L2A specific parameter. It is not documented for the moment because it is very specific and also not included in OpenSearch for EO.

As for others provider specific parameters, you can use it as custom query parameter in eodag. It will be included in the request to the provider:

prods, _ ="31TFK", foo="bar", **other_args)

When working on #242 we can look for similar parameters on other providers and include it in providers configuration and documentation

maximltcommented, Apr 22, 2021

Yes you got it right, tileid is unknown to eodag but still propagated through the query mechanism and included in the query URL.

We just opened that highlights the issue of EODAG’s internal catalog not being easy to access. We were thinking about automatically generating a nice HTML page to have a quick overview of what products are available. We could add in this page, for each product type, which extra search parameters (beyond start, end and geometry) EODAG knows about. These extra parameters are currently difficult to find. Prior to that, we would need to:

  • Add tileid as a query-able parameter for PEPS (in the returned JSON, the corresponding property seems to be '$.properties.mgrs')
  • Do the same thing for the other providers that offer the same or similar query parameter
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