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Server side upload

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I’m creating a PDF file server side, and would like to do a Slingshot.Upload but I get an error when trying. As a side note I can do this just fine on the client and can call Slingshot.createDirective just fine on the server side.

I’d like to do something like this server side:

var files = Meteor.settings.directory_path + userId + "/pdf-file.pdf";
  var uploader = new Slingshot.Upload("dropbox"); <-- !! I get an error here !!
  uploader.send(file, function (error, downloadUrl) {
    if (error) {
      console.error('Error uploading', uploader.xhr.response);
      alert (error);
    else {
      var ownerId = userId; 
      var addedById = this.userId;
      var name =;
      var type = uploader.file.type;
      var size = uploader.file.size;

      var fullPath = downloadUrl;
      var directory = userId;

      var indexOfDirectory = fullPath.indexOf(directory);
      var indexOfStringLength = fullPath.length;
      var key = fullPath.slice(indexOfDirectory, indexOfStringLength);

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  • Created 8 years ago
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aadamsxcommented, Jan 26, 2016

I’ve almost got things working using AWS.S3() directly instead. I don’t understand if Slingshot.S3Storage.upload is the right server API to use.

Is anyone monitoring/maintaining this package anymore or is abandoned? If it is, please designate someone else to take over, I see a lot of PRs just standing just standing idle. Everyone will understand, as these things suck your time away. But this is too important of a package to leave standing.

shivang007commented, May 15, 2018

@formspoint Thank you! But I figured out, instead of modifying this, using the AWS SDK’s upload method would be a simple and clean solution. And for anyone in the future stuck at figuring out “How to upload from server using slingshot”, please avoid the modification and check this out:

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