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Unassigned/non-standard (compound) language and dialect codes

See original GitHub issue

Wiktionary has entries for several languages and dialects with unofficial codes we can’t scrape. Some examples of these include

possibly among others. The first part of the code denotes a valid ISO 639-3 language group, while the second part looks like a temporary assignment.

This issue is not a bug. It is simply intended for the book-keeping purposes. I suppose this is not related to #329.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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agutkincommented, Jun 28, 2021

Yes, precisely.

agutkincommented, Jun 25, 2021

Looking at unmatched_languages.json it turns out that the Wiktionary language codes are rather systematically constructed.

The ones which are probably most problematic (in terms of work involved to support them) are the *-proto languages, but the remaining few five or six are probably reasonably easy to support. I guess what we have here is an edge case where the the wiktionary code maps to a non-existent compound ISO where the first part has to be a valid ISO language group name and should be verifiable, while the second can come from the configuration file.

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