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Selfhosted Canvas reports "Invalid redirect_uri"

See original GitHub issue

I can register my tool with Moodle, but if I try to register it with my self hosted canvas I get the following error message:

while(1);{"status":"bad_request","message":"Invalid redirect_uri","error_report_id":46}

The target link URL has been added to the Canvas developer key.

The debug log shows the request from, but nothing else.

  provider:main Receiving a login request from: +0ms
  provider:main Redirecting to platform authentication endpoint +4ms
  provider:main Target Link URI:  https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/lti +0ms
  provider:main Login request:  +0ms
  provider:main {
  provider:main   response_type: 'id_token',
  provider:main   response_mode: 'form_post',
  provider:main   id_token_signed_response_alg: 'RS256',
  provider:main   scope: 'openid',
  provider:main   client_id: '10000000000002',
  provider:main   redirect_uri: 'https://xxxxxxxxxxxx/lti',
  provider:main   login_hint: '4c2e10446e824efddda2694fdecbf06345d6bdf7',
  provider:main   nonce: 't461ex83bxmwj4xe07b5672dc',
  provider:main   prompt: 'none',
  provider:main   state: 'ca959744d3d3944fe83ac4917cae968eb9e88ba06904213037',
  provider:main   lti_message_hint: 'eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJ2ZXJpZmllciI6IjkyMDBhNDRmZWVlNmUzYTNjOTZhY2UzMzViZmMxM2QxNzZkMjljZWZmNDhmNjU4YjBkM2JiNDM0ODZlNThkNWJmNjIwZWIyNjczYzYxMDNmZjUzNDllYTRmZGEwZDQ5NmE2NTU2NTkxMjA5ZDg0OGEyZDZmNjU4ODM5NWRkYzI5IiwiY2FudmFzX2RvbWFpbiI6ImNhbnZhcy5nZ25vLm1lIiwiY29udGV4dF90eXBlIjoiQWNjb3VudCIsImNvbnRleHRfaWQiOjEwMDAwMDAwMDAwMDAyLCJleHAiOjE2MDc5NjEzMTZ9.0K6gOrYUFn5tCwI6FLZ_T1dVPKPWsjyw7PSdTZN_jtM'
  provider:main } +0ms```

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:10 (5 by maintainers)

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GTMtremolocommented, Dec 29, 2020

Hi @Cvmcosta, I have fixed this by turn on Redis cache. Thank you for your support

GTMtremolocommented, Dec 28, 2020

I install it from source.

This is dynamic_settings.yml file

production: #tree config: #service canvas: # environment canvas: encryption-secret: “astringthatisactually32byteslong” signing-secret: “astringthatisactually32byteslong” datadog-rum: application_id: “27627d1e-8a4f-4645-b390-bb396fc83c81” client_token: “a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j0k1l2m3n4o5p6q7r” sample_rate_percentage: 0.0 # Between 0.0 and 100.0; 0.0 disables the feature. live-events: aws_endpoint: http://kinesis.canvaslms.docker kinesis_stream_name: live-events live-events-subscription-service: app-host: “http://les.docker” sad-panda: null math-man: base_url: ‘http://mathman.docker’ use_for_svg: ‘false’ use_for_mml: ‘false’ rich-content-service: app-host: “rce.docker” common_cartridge_viewer: base_url: “http://localhost:3300” fullstory: sampling_rate: ‘0.0’ # randomly inject this fraction of the time app_key: ‘xyzzy’ # another service inst-fs: app-host: “http://api.instfs.docker” # this is just “super-sekret-value”, base64-encoded: secret: “c3VwZXItc2VrcmV0LXZhbHVlCg==” pandata: ios-pandata-key: IOS_pandata_key ios-pandata-secret: teamrocketblastoffatthespeedoflight android-pandata-key: ANDROID_pandata_key android-pandata-secret: surrendernoworpreparetofight

private: canvas: auditors.yml: | write_paths: - active_record read_path: active_record # datadog_apm.yml: | # sample_rate: 0.0 # host_sample_rate: 0.0 # use a unique subdomain per attachment, so that browsers will enforce security # permissions (such as microphone/camera access) per-file. You must have wildcard # DNS set up for this to work. # attachment_specific_file_domain: true # ha_cache.yml: | # cache_store: ha_store # servers: # - redis://localhost/2 # # keep stale data for up to 1 week in the cache # race_condition_ttl: 604800 # # how long it might take to recompute a cache value # # before the lock times out and another process is # # allowed to write it # lock_timeout: 5 # # how long before a cache entry is considered stale # expires_in: 300 # # when deleting from the cache, trigger a consul event # # you can use the example script/consume_consul_events # # to delete from local nodes, but may need to tweak # # slightly if your config doesn’t match # consul_event: “canvas/dev/invalidate_ha_cache” # # if configured, trigger the event in multiple Consul # # datacenters, rather than just the local one # # if you use this you SHOULD still list the local # # dc; it won’t be added for you # consul_datacenters: # - dc1 # - dc2 # clone_url_strand.yml: | # lti1 # lti2 # csp_logging.yml: | # host: # shared_secret: s00p3r_s3cr3t store: canvas: lti-keys: # these are all the same JWK but with different kid # to generate a new key, run the following in a Canvas console: # # key = OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.generate(2048) # key.public_key.to_jwk(kid: jwk-past.json: “{"kty":"RSA","e":"AQAB","n":"uX1MpfEMQCBUMcj0sBYI-iFaG5Nodp3C6OlN8uY60fa5zSBd83-iIL3n_qzZ8VCluuTLfB7rrV_tiX727XIEqQ","kid":"2018-05-18T22:33:20Z","d":"pYwR64x-LYFtA13iHIIeEvfPTws50ZutyGfpHN-kIZz3k-xVpun2Hgu0hVKZMxcZJ9DkG8UZPqD-zTDbCmCyLQ","p":"6OQ2bi_oY5fE9KfQOcxkmNhxDnIKObKb6TVYqOOz2JM","q":"y-UBef95njOrqMAxJH1QPds3ltYWr8QgGgccmcATH1M","dp":"Ol_xkL7rZgNFt_lURRiJYpJmDDPjgkDVuafIeFTS4Ic","dq":"RtzDY5wXr5TzrwWEztLCpYzfyAuF_PZj1cfs976apsM","qi":"XA5wnwIrwe5MwXpaBijZsGhKJoypZProt47aVCtWtPE"}” jwk-present.json: “{"kty":"RSA","e":"AQAB","n":"uX1MpfEMQCBUMcj0sBYI-iFaG5Nodp3C6OlN8uY60fa5zSBd83-iIL3n_qzZ8VCluuTLfB7rrV_tiX727XIEqQ","kid":"2018-06-18T22:33:20Z","d":"pYwR64x-LYFtA13iHIIeEvfPTws50ZutyGfpHN-kIZz3k-xVpun2Hgu0hVKZMxcZJ9DkG8UZPqD-zTDbCmCyLQ","p":"6OQ2bi_oY5fE9KfQOcxkmNhxDnIKObKb6TVYqOOz2JM","q":"y-UBef95njOrqMAxJH1QPds3ltYWr8QgGgccmcATH1M","dp":"Ol_xkL7rZgNFt_lURRiJYpJmDDPjgkDVuafIeFTS4Ic","dq":"RtzDY5wXr5TzrwWEztLCpYzfyAuF_PZj1cfs976apsM","qi":"XA5wnwIrwe5MwXpaBijZsGhKJoypZProt47aVCtWtPE"}” jwk-future.json: “{"kty":"RSA","e":"AQAB","n":"uX1MpfEMQCBUMcj0sBYI-iFaG5Nodp3C6OlN8uY60fa5zSBd83-iIL3n_qzZ8VCluuTLfB7rrV_tiX727XIEqQ","kid":"2018-07-18T22:33:20Z","d":"pYwR64x-LYFtA13iHIIeEvfPTws50ZutyGfpHN-kIZz3k-xVpun2Hgu0hVKZMxcZJ9DkG8UZPqD-zTDbCmCyLQ","p":"6OQ2bi_oY5fE9KfQOcxkmNhxDnIKObKb6TVYqOOz2JM","q":"y-UBef95njOrqMAxJH1QPds3ltYWr8QgGgccmcATH1M","dp":"Ol_xkL7rZgNFt_lURRiJYpJmDDPjgkDVuafIeFTS4Ic","dq":"RtzDY5wXr5TzrwWEztLCpYzfyAuF_PZj1cfs976apsM","qi":"XA5wnwIrwe5MwXpaBijZsGhKJoypZProt47aVCtWtPE"}”

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