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Build server error

See original GitHub issue

Running the latest cyclonedx-dotnet (0.3.1) on my TFS build server. Notice the /Users/steve/… path? Did a development version get installed? If so, how can I rectify this?

2019-01-23T15:30:34.4838674Z » Analyzing: F:\Agents\Agent01\_work\4\s\Audio\APITestHarnes\packages.config
2019-01-23T15:30:34.4838674Z   Getting packages                                              
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]Unhandled Exception: System.IO.IOException: The handle is invalid
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at System.ConsolePal.GetBufferInfo(Boolean throwOnNoConsole, Boolean& succeeded)
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at CycloneDX.Program.AnalyzeProjectAsync(String projectFile) in /Users/steve/Development/CycloneDX/cyclonedx-dotnet/CycloneDX/Program.cs:line 177
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at CycloneDX.Program.AnalyzeDirectoryAsync(String projectPath) in /Users/steve/Development/CycloneDX/cyclonedx-dotnet/CycloneDX/Program.cs:line 157
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at CycloneDX.Program.OnExecute() in /Users/steve/Development/CycloneDX/cyclonedx-dotnet/CycloneDX/Program.cs:line 79
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.Conventions.ExecuteMethodConvention.InvokeAsync(MethodInfo method, Object instance, Object[] arguments) in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\Conventions\ExecuteMethodConvention.cs:line 77
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.Conventions.ExecuteMethodConvention.OnExecute(ConventionContext context) in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\Conventions\ExecuteMethodConvention.cs:line 62
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.Conventions.ExecuteMethodConvention.<>c__DisplayClass0_0.<<Apply>b__0>d.MoveNext() in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\Conventions\ExecuteMethodConvention.cs:line 25
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]--- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown ---
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.CommandLineApplication.<>c__DisplayClass126_0.<OnExecute>b__0() in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\CommandLineApplication.cs:line 505
2019-01-23T15:30:40.6871154Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.CommandLineApplication.Execute[TApp](CommandLineContext context) in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\CommandLineApplication.Execute.cs:line 31
2019-01-23T15:30:40.7027422Z ##[error]   at McMaster.Extensions.CommandLineUtils.CommandLineApplication.Execute[TApp](IConsole console, String[] args) in C:\projects\commandlineutils\src\CommandLineUtils\CommandLineApplication.Execute.cs:line 97
2019-01-23T15:30:40.7027422Z ##[error]   at CycloneDX.Program.Main(String[] args) in /Users/steve/Development/CycloneDX/cyclonedx-dotnet/CycloneDX/Program.cs:line 45```

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  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:9 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

stevespringettcommented, Jan 23, 2019

0.3.2 published. Will be available shortly.

Drewster727commented, Jan 23, 2019

@stevespringett confirmed! 0.3.3 resolved the issue. Thank you!

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