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Make it possible to /display/ an entire chain of operations producing a variable

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Issue type:

➕ Feature request


IntegratedDynamics doesn’t let the user /write/ their own functions (as mentioned in #211), but for debugging purposes, whilst looking at labels is passable, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to see the entire chain of operations leading to a variable’s construction.

This probably relates to the (mentioned in some issue that I can’t find by @rubensworks, IIRC) suggestion that it should be possible to copy programs for example to put them here in Github Issues.

This possibly relates to #357, as being able to pretty-print variables may depend on reading them back into ‘programmer form’ from NBT.

What I’m hoping/asking for is something along the lines of the Haskell-esque form that we’ve all been writing in issues here, along the lines of:

someList = {#11 inventoryReader.items}
mappedList = map uname someList
predicate = and (contains mappedList x) (contains mappedList y)

where someList and the like are labelled variable names,

or (from #211, meant for computers not humans - though breaking it up like above to be more human readable in a heuristic fashion would be nice)

conj(disj(dot(apply(flip(modulus), 3), apply(equals, 0)), dot(apply(flip(modulus), 3), apply(equals, 0))), negate(conj(dot(apply(flip(modulus), 3), apply(equals, 0)), dot(apply(flip(modulus), 3), apply(equals, 0)))))

which is also simpler with some syntax re-introduced (apply left explicit, to be easier for players), in a form like

(apply contains (map uname itemList)) . uname

Any thoughts?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rubensworkscommented, Nov 13, 2017

@tekacs Do you specifically mean stringifying a chain of operations? Or simply displaying it in a nice way ingame?

What I have in mind for the advanced LP, is that it has a canvas on which operators can be visually chained together (possibly enhanced with IDE-like keyboard controls). This would already allow you to visually observe the operator chains. Other than that, this graph-based visualization would also be exportable (and importable) via JSON (or something similar).

So until this advanced LP arrives, perhaps a quick way for exporting the complete chain behind a variable as a string would be indeed nice for debugging. Adding this behaviour to a network-attached part would indeed be the only way of doing this.

IMO it’s not worth the effort to spend time on this as a standalone feature, but I’d rather invest the effort in working towards an advanced LP.

TomyLobocommented, Nov 28, 2019 this library looks like it’d fit the bill

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