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Cypress hung up trying to run a spec - won't resolve

See original GitHub issue

Current behavior

Can’t reproduce this locally - but intermittently when running specs via circleci (so far 50% of the time) - one of the specs (never the same one), spins causing circleci to timeout. When I look at the run in the Cypress dashboard it shows all the rest of the specs have passed except for that one and it’s just constantly saying it is running - but shows no test results. is an example. When I rerun the tests they all pass again so it looks like there’s an issue with the cypress runner. This just started happening when we upgraded to 8 - specifically 8.2

The error from circleci is:

ERR_TIMED_OUT (-7) loading '<specUrl>'
Error: ERR_TIMED_OUT (-7) loading '<specUrl>
    at rejectAndCleanup (electron/js2c/browser_init.js:217:1457)
    at Object.failListener (electron/js2c/browser_init.js:217:1670)
    at Object.emit (events.js:315:20)

After saying it was still running for several hours on the Cypress dashboard - it finally stopped and showed this error message: "The run started, but never completed. This can happen when the run is canceled from CI or when Cypress crashes during running tests.

Check your CircleCI #557d91f7-1bed-4c21-9f3c-9a4850bc64ad logs for more information. Archive this run to remove it from the runs list and analytics."

Desired behavior

Cypress not to get hung up

Test code to reproduce

Since it fails on a different spec each time, it doesn’t seem to be related to actual test code

Cypress Version



No response

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rebel-lcommented, Oct 12, 2021

Have the same issue on 8.6.0. video: false doesn’t help

Have someone resolved the issue?

Nope, everyone is doing a workaround. Most of the people go back to latest 7.x version. As we switched from 6.x to 8.5.0 currently and spend a lot effort to get there, we decided to turn off video captuirng as soon as it is fixed. It’s a very bad solution as we need a second run with only failed test and video capturing on and pray that this is fast enough that it don’t break.

I hope the people from Cypress will give that more priority soon. Again: I can offer my help to run a development version on our setup and share logs afterwards.

diggabytecommented, Dec 22, 2021

Experiencing this issue in v8.5.0 / both Electron & Chrome within gitlab pipelines (docker-in-docker).

FYI: Upgraded to Cypress 9.2.0, still same issue

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